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The Spatial Data Revolution is Here


There’s no doubt Google Maps is good for travel directions, but what if your organisation could also use online mapping tools to quickly respond to unhappy customers? What if you could use a map to quickly identify suburbs where service standards are falling, before customers complain? What if your maintenance teams could plan their routes to save travel time? Until now, this spatial data – the geographical coordinates of roads, offices, and water pipes – has been stored within complex geographic information systems (GISs) accessible only to mapping experts. This is changing, now that mapping technology is being built into back-office systems. We predict this will alter the way managers make decisions and how customers interact with organisations.

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TechnologyOne announces $46 million R&D investment in 2016


TechnologyOne (ASX:TNE) has demonstrated why it is one of Australia’s most successful publicly listed companies, investing some $46 million in its research and development program this year.

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TechnologyOne continues to dominate Australian local government market


Tech powerhouse TechnologyOne has continued to dominated the Australian local government market, adding several major new customers to its roster in 2016.

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