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Using a holistic approach to get the most out of your assets


One of the largest expenses of running a business is the cost of providing and maintaining facilities. In order to deliver the best business outcomes, facilities management needs to shift from a ‘condition’ approach to a ‘level of service’ approach. This evolves from simply assessing facilities maintenance based on the condition of the asset, to evaluating a number of parameters including capacity, fit-for-purpose, condition and frequency of use.

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Flexible work arrangements and smart mobile devices: How HR can lead these trends


New challenges arising from a mobile-first world are driving a business need for anywhere, anytime access to workplace information.

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IT considerations for local government amalgamation in NSW


On October 20 2015, the NSW State Government pushed forward with the next step in the local government reform process, releasing a report by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal. In this report, the tribunal highlighted that more than 60 percent of the state’s councils failed to meet the government’s ‘fit for the future’ criteria.

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