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Local government is facing huge challenges: non-integrated legacy systems, ageing infrastructure, budget pressures and rising community expectations, to name just a few.

TechnologyOne is the ideal partner to help your council and your community with solutions created specifically for the local government sector in the United Kingdom.

Our next-generation, mobile-enabled technology will transform your council’s digital experience. Your employees and citizens will be better connected - with applications and information available on any device, anywhere, any time.

How we support your industry

TechnologyOne's powerful enterprise OneCouncil solution enables your council to take advantage of innovative technologies offered on a highly secure SaaS platform. By removing the burden of managing your technology environment, you can focus on becoming 'smarter' and delivering better services to your community.

OneCouncil enterprise SaaS enables smart communities

Our integrated local government platform delivers a seamless and engaging experience. It better connects council employees, field workers and customers, and it’s transforming the way councils serve their communities.

Leveraging more than 30 years’ experience working with councils across the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, our solution enables you to simplify your IT systems, transform your digital experience and better connect with your community.

OneCouncil - TechnologyOne
OneCouncil Software - TechnologyOne

Take a closer look at OneCouncil

OneCouncil supports the day-to-day operations of your council with a single, integrated solution available anywhere, any time.
  • Financials Product - TechnologyOne


    Capture all financial information in a single place, providing powerful dynamic reporting and enquiries for real-time decision making.
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  • Supply Chain Product - TechnologyOne

    Supply Chain Management

    Manage procurement of goods and services across multiple locations from quote request to payment.
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  • Performance Planning Product - TechnologyOne


    Answer the most critical business questions with confidence, speed and accuracy.
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  • HR & Payroll Product - TechnologyOne

    Human Resources & Payroll

    Manage the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment to off-boarding.
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The Power of One

One vision. One vendor. One code-line. One experience. We do not use implementation partners or value added resellers. We take complete responsibility for building, marketing, selling, implementation and supporting our enterprise solution for each customer to guarantee long term success.

Maximise your investment with Application Managed Services

Our Application Managed Services program provides you with guaranteed consulting services, once you're live with our solution.

Application Managed Services - TechnologyOne
Ci Anywhere - TechnologyOne


  • Local Government Case study

    Shellharbour City Council

    Embracing Software as a Service and integrating its systems has enabled Shellharbour City Council to mobilise its workforce and improve service delivery.


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    Publish date 21 Jul 2020
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  • Local Government Case study

    Horsham District Council

    Horsham District Council embraces Software as a Service (SaaS) to become a more flexible and data-driven organisation.


    Read time
    Publish date 30 Jun 2020
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  • Local Government Media release

    Fraser Coast set to embrace TechnologyOne SaaS

    $1.2 million agreement will enable the Council to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.
    Read time
    Publish date 03 Sep 2019
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Chief Executive Officer
Moreton Bay Regional Council

TechnologyOne’s systems have been a valuable resource in helping us manage data analytics. In the past, we were able to collect a lot of data but were unable to analyse it thoroughly. We can now perform a value-added strategic analysis of the business.

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