Empower your people using a fully integrated solution for HR and Payroll

Make informed decisions quickly and empower your employees with advanced self-service features

Manage the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment to off-boarding

TechnologyOne HR & Payroll covers everything from payroll, time collection, employee self-service and workflow optimisation to business intelligence, manager alerts and process automation. The suite integrates with other organisational systems including Financials and Asset Lifecycle Management. This enables real-time business analysis and reporting, which allows managers to make informed decisions quickly.

Human Resource and Payroll
Human Resource & Payroll Software - TechnologyOne

Human Resource & Payroll Benefits

Human Resource & Payroll capabilities

Human Resource & Payroll delivers a complete approach to managing your employees covering the recruitment process, timesheets, payroll, performance management, workplace safety, training, employee self-service and much more.
  • eRecruit - TechnologyOne


    Drive efficiency and gain insight by automating the recruitment process, from requisition to onboarding and staff transitioning
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  • Timesheets

    Simplify time collection and streamline manager approvals with TechnologyOne’s browser-based timesheet app
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  • Organisation management - TechnologyOne

    Organisation Management

    Gain instant insight into your business with an interactive, graphical model of your organisation structure
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  • Payroll Asset HR and Payroll TechnologyOne


    Pay your people accurately and on time and minimise compliance risk with automated processes
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  • Performance Management - TechnologyOne

    Performance Management

    Automate the performance and development process and gain complete insight into workplace performance
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  • Saftey - TechnologyOne


    Reduce workplace risk and improve employee safety by taking a proactive approach to the reporting and management of incidents and hazards
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  • Training - TechnologyOne


    Manage all aspects of your organisation’s learning and development programs. Engage employees with training plans aligned to career development and succession plans
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  • Employee Self-service

    Manage all aspects of your employment including timesheets, leave requests, personal details, payslips, job applications, performance reviews, training and reports from any web-enabled device
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  • Leave

    • Capture and manage leave all types of leave requests for employees from any smart device
    • Track planned leave
    • Intuitive user interface
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  • Transitions

    • Automate processes associated with transitioning employees and ensure compliance with your corporate policies
    • Provide visibility to all stakeholders through intuitive and interactive dashboards
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  • Succession Planning

    • Identify, retain, and cultivate top talent and provide high-performing employees with a clearly-defined career path
    • Provide high-performing employees with a clearly-defined career path
    • Reduce cost of staff turnover
    • Retain high performing talent
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  • 360 Reviews

    • Manage feedback, development interests, and goals for your entire workforce
    • Measure engagement and company culture
    • Quick and easy to deploy

Our latest software release

With two major software releases a year we focus on customer evolution

Our latest software release delivers enhancements designed to simplify the way you work and elevate your enterprise experience.


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