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Case study highlights

  • Improved compliance through automated training alerts
  • Reduced payroll processing from 6 days to 2 days
  • Better use of resources and improved productivity

The Challenge

GWMWater was previously using several disparate systems and was seeking a comprehensive payroll solution that would easily integrate with its human resource and finance functions.

GWMWater’s legacy system required a significant amount of manual processing, and the water corporation sought to save time and reduce inefficiencies through an automated system that delivered information in real time.

The Solution

GWMWater implemented TechnologyOne Human Resource & Payroll and Financials, later adding Property & Rating, Corporate Performance Management, Supply Chain Management and Asset Lifecycle Management to form an integrated enterprise solution. The solution includes web-based Employee Self Service, empowering staff to update personal details, access payslips and manage leave requests from anywhere, at any time.

The Outcome

TechnologyOne’s software has enabled GWMWater to save time by automating manual processes such as timesheets, reporting and performance reviews. With integrated real-time data and employee self service, staff have access to the information they need, at their fingertips.

“By automating the process we now do our payroll in two days, cut down from six days previously. We also have just one payroll person to process this, whereas in the past we had two people working full time to crunch the numbers and enter data,” said Manager People and Culture Peter Drummond.

“One of the huge benefits is that all the information across the system is in real time. This leads to much more accurate information and eliminates the need for separate spreadsheets, databases and other scattered data.

“We have seen a lot of improvements by moving to a single enterprise system. It has enabled us to make better use of resources, with staff working on strategic and value added tasks, rather than data entry.”

Manager People and Culture
GWMWater - HRP

By automating the process we now do our payroll in two days, cut down from six days previously.


GWMWater provides water services to 70,000 customers across a geographic spread of 62,000 square kilometres, which is about 30 per cent of Victoria. The water corporation was using a number of disparate systems and decided to shift from a best of breed approach to a single integrated enterprise system across the business.

GWMWater implemented TechnologyOne HRP as part of an enterprise system to automate manual processes and improve efficiencies.

“By integrating the finance and payroll systems we have cut down work for administrative staff,” said Manager People and Culture Peter Drummond.

“The capability of the system is amazing - it’s only limited by your knowledge of how to use it.”

Mr Drummond said there have also been significant improvements to data quality and accuracy, enabling the water corporation to ensure compliance.

“We’re a heavily regulated industry and all our outdoor staff have a myriad of compliance training they need to do for health and safety, confined space, working with asbestos, traffic management, and so on.

“For those 61 employees, each has about 10 - 15 licenses that expire on a regular basis. The TechnologyOne system now automatically generates alerts when each of these is about to expire, so we can forecast and plan training programs in advance and ensure no licences ever go into deficit.

“This is really important from a compliance perspective, and it means we can plan ahead to achieve our goal of zero expired qualifications at any given time.”


Employee Self Service

GWMWater has embraced the use of web-based Employee Self Service as part of TechnologyOne HRP, empowering staff to enter their own timesheets and providing immediate access to leave requests, payslips and performance reviews.

“There have been some massive efficiency gains and the ability of staff to have all their personal information at their fingertips is excellent,” Mr Drummond said.

“Everyone has self service, so they don’t need to call HR for copies of their information. The questions HR staff used to field have been pushed back, freeing up HR to undertake more value-added tasks.”

The automation of timesheets through Employee Self Service has provided significant time savings for GWMWater, Mr Drummond said.

“We have 180 employees and everyone in the business must complete a timesheet, including the executives. With our previous payroll system, Chris21, they had to be manually entered by payroll staff.

“Now all employees enter timesheets themselves, and it goes directly into the payroll system. I haven’t done the calculations, but you can just imagine the time and associated cost savings in timesheets alone.”

About GWMWater

GWMWater provides water services to 72,000 customers across 13 municipalities in the Grampians-Wimmera-Mallee region, which represents 62,000 square kilometres or about 30 per cent of Victoria. The innovative water corporation’s vision is to provide sustainable water for regional growth and vibrant communities.

GWMWater website

Publish date

27 Sep 2016

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