Qattro saves five days per month and has consolidated 30 legal entities into a single solution

Case study highlights

  • Streamlined
    end-to-end property development processes
  • Consolidated
    30 legal entities
    into a single solution
  • Saved five days
    per month in manpower


Qattro is a South Australian owned and operated property group that is vertically integrated across the property lifecycle. It manages end-to-end property development processes that would traditionally be outsourced by a pure play developer.

Qattro was seeking a scalable enterprise solution that would manage the entire property lifecycle, streamlining end-to-end property development processes.

“Prior to TechnologyOne’s solution, we had a very manual process for managing financials across 30 legal entities, and a decentralised system for payroll and project management,” said Qattro’s Managing Director Bradley Jansen.

“As we grow and the requirement for consolidated reporting across states, divisions, and business types grows too, it would have become near impossible for us to manage using our previous system.”


To deal with its rapid growth, Qattro implemented TechnologyOne’s OnePropertyDevelopment solution to automate and consolidate end-to-end property development processes.

“We aren’t constrained anymore and can operate more efficiently, despite the complexity of our business. It is already going to save us up to five days in manpower a month,” said Mr Jansen.

“Human resource management enables employees to request leave no matter where they are and have their manager electronically authorise it, eliminating paperwork. Managing our payroll transactions in one spot is significantly more effective than our old system, where we would have six or seven different data files for the different employer companies.

“As for contract and project management, the solution provides a single source of truth, allowing us to control cost down to the most granular level, whilst seamlessly disbursing through to financial accounting ledgers.

“TechnologyOne’s solution gives us a level of financial control that we haven’t had the privilege of having access to, to date.”


Qattro is now using a scalable enterprise solution that has to support its expeditious growth.

In addition to scalability, the enterprise solution has streamlined 30 legal entities into a single financial system, enabling Qattro to operate with greater efficiency, reporting capabilities and cost visibility.

Qattro employees now have access to real-time business information at their fingertips, allowing them to make instant, informed decisions about business operations.

Managing Director

We aren’t constrained anymore and can operate more efficiently, despite the complexity of our business. It saves us up to five days in manpower a month.

Qattro's Perspective

Prior to implementing TechnologyOne’s enterprise solution, Qattro struggled to operate efficiently on a system that its business had outgrown.

“Our number one financial challenge was managing the complexity of having 25-30 different legal entities. Every one of those companies has different cash flow patterns and different profitability patterns,” said Managing Director Bradley Jansen.

“The accounting system we were using meant that all this information lived in individual data files and different silos. Reporting was done disparately in Excel and as a result, we started to see inaccuracies and inefficiencies in our reporting.”

Since implementing TechnologyOne’s OnePropertyDevelopment solution, Qattro has enjoyed the power of an integrated solution which has dramatically cut down on administrative work and complexity.

The solution has enabled Qattro to apply online organisational charts to manage workflow and authorisation limits. In addition, employees can take advantage of self-service leave management.

“Employees are able to electronically request leave no matter where they are - at work, on the bus to work, or at home - and have their manager electronically authorise it, eliminating paperwork.”

“TechnologyOne’s best in class people management solution means our people are ultimately connected to our strategy and aren’t sitting around doing administrative things that can be automated and managed seamlessly by the system.”


With offices opening in other states outside of South Australia and an expected turnover of $100 million in the next financial year, Qattro turned to TechnologyOne’s scalable software to ensure unlimited capacity for growth.

“We don’t want our systems to become an anchor for growth. We have a complex business but TechnologyOne gives us a system that will not only keep up with our fast pace, but I am confident will stay one step ahead with constant innovation,” Mr Jansen said.

“I was first introduced to TechnologyOne over 15 years ago in a different industry and have been so impressed by the commitment they take to constantly evolving their product - it’s phenomenal. The fact that they are constantly reinvesting revenue to deliver a better product to the market is a massive differentiator.”

Qattro has a number of exciting initiatives in the pipeline and will partner with TechnologyOne as it expands on a national level.

“We are looking forward to working with TechnologyOne on many innovative projects that allow us to literally save hours - if not days - in some of the key business processes we manage, from design to estimating and beyond.”

About Qattro

Qattro is a South Australian owned and operated property group working across the following: medium to high density urban infill residential development; planning, design, engineering and approvals; construction – residential and commercial; and project marketing and sales.

It is one of the few property developers in South Australia to have achieved ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Accreditation through SAI Global – the global leader in quality assurance certification.

Qattro website

Publish date

07 Nov 2016

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