TEAM Engineering Services

The solution has streamlined processes, improved efficiencies and maximised resources

Case study highlights

  • Halved the amount of paper storage
  • Reduced invoicing from days to hours
  • Scaled down administration by 4 FTEs


TEAM Engineering Services was seeking an integrated enterprise system that would support its multiple award rates and structures, many resource types and complex resource assignment and job costings. The organisation was also seeking a scalable solution that would underpin planned business growth.

"Our organisation was growing and the processing times and accuracy of our old systems were not allowing us to resourcefully expand," said Systems Accountant James Hegerty.


TEAM Engineering Services implemented TechnologyOne Financials, Human Resource & Payroll, Supply Chain, Enterprise Content Management and project costing and billing, as a single, integrated enterprise solution.


Since implementing TechnologyOne's enterprise software, TEAM Engineering Services has streamlined its processes to improve efficiencies and maximise resources.

"The software has enabled TEAM Engineering Services to function with fewer staff, whilst maintaining project capabilities. This allows us to be more flexible and adapt to fluctuations in demand throughout the year," Mr Hegerty said.

"We previously had a HR team of three, and that's now been reduced to just one person who is managing the same volume of workload. Similarly our five financials staff has reduced to three, because there is less manual administration to do.

"TechnologyOne's integrated project costing and billing system has enabled us to simplify our complex invoicing process by reducing data entry, accurately allocating costs and producing timely reports, which are used to invoice lump sum, variation or scheduled billing types. Invoicing is now taking just hours instead of days.

"Introducing digital filing of employee records has also been a huge benefit, allowing us to halve the paper filing within HR."

Systems Accountant
TEAM Engineering Services

We are now able to budget and accurately cost entire projects and individual tasks to identify inefficiencies and areas that require attention in real time.


TEAM Engineering Services was founded in 1999 and provides project management and engineering support services to the mining and port industries. As business picked up during the 2009 - 10 mining boom, TEAM Engineering Services looked to implement a business-wide software to support expansion.

"We implemented TechnologyOne during the mining boom as our organisation was growing and expanding," said Systems Accountant James Hegerty. "We had outgrown the spreadsheet and paper-based systems we were using, and wanted to automate and streamline our processes."

The software has since enabled TEAM Engineering Services to simplify the complexity associated with managing multiple customers with different job and project costing requirements.

"As a project services and fabrication-based organisation, workforce planning, budgeting and project costing are critical to our business. We are now able to budget and accurately cost entire projects and individual tasks to identify inefficiencies and areas that require attention in real time," Mr Hegerty said.

"We previously had issues with task costing and billing variations for contracts. TechnologyOne allows us to quickly and accurately produce reports and prepare bills which are detailed into specific tasks where a variation or site instruction has been raised from the client. This allows us to be far more responsive and reduces the amount of manual work involved.

"Reports can now be run instantly, giving a clear indication of the costs to date and enabling efficient and accurate financials reports for Profit and Loss statements and balance sheets.

"The payroll system also caters to our complex enterprise agreements and task coding, by automatically interpreting the pay component structure to allow for minimal data entry."


With a combination of separate MYOB Financials, Payroll and Asset Management systems, TEAM Engineering Services went to market seeking an integrated enterprise solution to meet their needs across the entire business.

"None of our systems were integrated with each other so we spent a lot of time importing data into the Financials software. Many of the processes were paper based and required a great deal of manual data entry," Mr Hegerty said.

"We wanted an integrated suite of products from a single vendor, which was the reason we went with TechnologyOne.

"TechnologyOne offers a completely integrated software solution that can cater for our complex operational structure and streamline processes to achieve greater accuracy and productivity in all areas of our projects and financials."

Mr Hegerty said the system has generated many efficiencies across the business, providing the company's decision makers with more visibility and reliable information about the business as a whole.

"For example, our payroll system is now integrated with our project works ledgers and Financials, which allows us to view hours spent against budgeted figures. This is something we weren't able to do beforehand, because the separate systems made it too complex," he said.

The enterprise system has also enabled TEAM Engineering Services to future proof its organisation, with TechnologyOne continually updating its platform to keep up-to-date with changing technology, legislation and business practices.

"The software is regularly updated in accordance with new legislation and reporting requirements, allowing the business to easily conform to the changing environment," Mr Hegerty said.

About TEAM Engineering Services

TEAM Engineering Services was founded in Mackay Queensland, Australia in 1999 with the purpose of supplying Project Management and Engineering support services to the mining and port industries. TEAM's extensive qualifications and vast experience in Heavy Engineering, Drafting, Fabrication, Project Management and Field Services Sectors ensures safe, flexible, end to end solutions that can meet customer performance specification requirements in the Mining, Mineral, Port Facilities and Bulk Material Handling and Oil and Gas industries.

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Publish date

30 Jun 2015

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